This is really happening…

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I can finally say that we have 100% working and non-glitchy {if a bit slow} internet. I’m sure all the kinks will work themselves out over time…right?.

Well, this is happening. I’m in my house. My new home for the year…or the next six months.


Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

Today I went to a compulsory study abroad meeting. You know things are getting serious when an email subject has compulsory written in capital letters. You have no choice. You must be there…and I was. It was a little overwhelming, if I can be 100% honest for a second. My mind is still spinning.

Holy shit, this is actually happening is still circling in my brain.

You guys, I applied at the latest possible time {or so I thought} and I almost forgot about it once I sent the application in. I did it to see how far it would go. Well, that was a silly idea. It so turns out that it can go all the way to the United Kingdom on the other side of the world.

Other. Side. Of. The. World.

I applied to study abroad for a full year at the University of Lancaster which is a small {ish} town in Lancashire, in the north-west of England. The university is in the top 1% in the world. That’s a pretty hefty statistic to just be throwing about. It’s currently ranked in the top ten universities in the United Kingdom and in the top one hundred and twenty-five universities in the world. That is no small feat and I would be absolutely insane to turn down an offer from a university like that…Right?

This is the experience of a lifetime. This would be the experience of a lifetime. This could be the experience of a lifetime.

My lifetime.


12 thoughts on “This is really happening…

  1. Wow, that’s awesome, congratulations, I’m currently studying abroad in Norway and it will be one of the most amazing, but, challenging years of your life. Good luck! 😀


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