ABC’s of me!

As this is a relatively new blog, I’m always looking for new ways to share information about myself in a fun way. Sometimes there is nothing worse than seeing paragraphs and paragraphs to read when you log in. I know I get that way sometimes. Blah. I know this is something that has been going around for a while now but I thought I’d join in a do it after I saw it on this blog. It really is a good ‘no fluff’ way of getting to know the essential {and interesting} information about another person. So let’s get started, yes?

Age: Nineteen years, nine months and twenty-four days old…or so I’ve heard ;] Sixty-six days until my birthday!

Birthday: April 27th.

Colour: Maroon, teal or plum.

Drink: Coffee, vodka, ginger kiss tea, chardonnay. Give me those things and I am forever yours.

Essential item: I don’t want to sound materialistic but it would have to be my Galaxy or Macbook. I really don’t know how I functioned without them.

Flashback: Being given a bottle of bubbly on my last day of work this summer. That is something I won’t forget…and I still have the bottle of alcohol. I’m planning on using it during my very messy o-week ;]

Gent: Craig Daniel or Gerard Butler. Both. They’re hands down the most attractive males I have ever had the pleasure of seeing on-screen. I also have quite a thing for Paul Walker (RIP).

Hobby: Blogging, reading, exercising, cooking, writing and drinking coffee…with cream liquor.

Indulgence: Well, it used to be chocolate cheesecake but now it’s ginger covered in dark chocolate, chai lattes and a bottle of Southern Comfort. Such simple indulgences but they’re amazing.

Job: This summer I worked as a merchandiser for a mega food company and I loved it. Good job, good hours and good people means that everyone is having a good time. I’m also a receptionist/cleaner/till operator at the campground my mother and step-father manage. Are they ridiculously hard jobs? Well, no but I love them. It makes me happy to see people happy.

Kiddos: Not yet. I do want two or three though. You know, one day when I’m all settled down and mature…ish.

Live: At the beach…for now. I live here during the summer (November-February) and then I move back to the city where I attend university. I’m moving back on Monday so saying that I’m excited would be a slight understatement.

Music: Anything but country. I cannot stand it. My favourite artists/bands are Matt Corby, Parkway Drive, Imagine Dragons and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Nickname: I don’t really have one. Not that I know of. The closest I got to a “proper” nickname was Blue when I worked in the kiwifruit packhouse. They were referring to my exceptionally blue eyes, of course. I miss that place.

Overnight hospital stays: None – thank goodness!

Pets: At the moment I have a pet duck (female) called Jeffrey, a cat called Possum and a dog called Kyra. I’m trying to inch my mother into buying a puppy. I don’t see it happening any time soon though.

Quote from a movie: ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’. As a huge Harry Potter fan, you have to now that I’m going to take one from one of the movies. I will love those movies for a long, long time…and then my children will do the same ;]

Right or left: Right.

Siblings: One sister, one step-sister and three step-brothers. I have quite a large family.

Temperature: Gross. It’s supposed to be summer but it’s currently raining, windy and a horrid twenty-one. Boo. Summer, come back! Please?

University: University of Waikato, majoring in Linguistics and Writing Studies.

Vehicle: Nissan Primera. Forever Team Nissan.

Worst habit: Grinding my teeth and cracking my knuckles.

X-ray: I’ve had one done when I broke my foot and I’ve had several done on my chest/torso for asthma related things. Not a fun time.

Yuck: Shrimp, and I’m not just saying that because I’m vegetarian. I was at a BBQ a couple of days ago and I couldn’t stop staring at their eyes! Their beady, little black eyes. Ew. I don’t know how people eat them.

Zoo animal favorite: Always the tigers and lions. Every time. I’m a sucker for the big cats. Their strength, power and deadly precision coupled with their grace and intelligence make them one incredible animal.


4 thoughts on “ABC’s of me!

  1. A lovely list! Thanks for sharing 🙂 That Harry Potter quote is one of my very, very favorites. Those books have taught me so much through the wise words of all the various characters!


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