Featured on Friday: A Life Without Anorexia

Well, this is week two of my new feature and I’m still going strong! I have a feeling this might be something that is going to stick around for a while. But hey, this post isn’t about me so I’ll leave you in the hands of Izzy and you can see what her life is all about!

Izzy @ A Life Without Anorexia

1) What is your blog about and why did you start blogging?

My blog is pretty much about my life, but I also write about my recovery from anorexia and depression and give advice to others who are struggling. I would call it an advice blog with personal posts aswell!

I started blogging as a way to write out my emotions and thoughts while I was sick. It was my online diary, though over the years that I’ve been blogging I recovered. My blog turned from a very depressing blog – a girl suffering from anorexia – to a girl who recovered from anorexia and I began helping others.

2) What are the best and worst things about blogging?

The best thing about blogging is most probably the contact I make with others. I also love the feeling of helping others, knowing that I am doing a good thing. The worst thing… well the times where you get ‘hate mail’, though as the quote goes ‘haters don’t hate you, they hate themselves because you are a reflection of what they want to be.’ This is something which I have learned is true. So I don’t let those types of comments bring me down, instead I rise above them. I just press the delete button 😉 Also the creepy mails which I can get at times!! Haha (not as fun!)

3) How is living in Sweden different from life in Ireland? Is it a good or bad difference?

Living in Sweden and living in Ireland are two completely different things. When I lived in Ireland I lived out in the country. The nearest shop was twenty minutes with car, and I had to take a bus fifty minutes to school everyday. But as I was so young then it didn’t really bother me. We lived among the cows and sheep, haha!!

And living in Sweden, I’m living in the city. I live fifteen minutes away from my school – can walk there, and live twenty minutes from the capital  – Stockholm. I am close to everything. I went from having to get my mum to drive me everywhere, to now being to just take public transport where I want to go! There is a lot more freedom and opportunities in the city.

So now that I am older, I like living in the city, when I was younger I liked the country… I could be out playing, and could just be a child. I didn’t have to grow up so fast!

4) Three of your favourite blogs.

Your blog of course 🙂 🙂 I read all of your posts, even if I don’t comment so much – but I will get better at 🙂 haha but otherwise I don’t read so many blogs, most of them are Swedish and about training/exercise  and the others are recipe blogs 🙂 (as I love to bake and cook!)

5) If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would it be and why?

Smell…. Because I mean, there are times when you wish you just couldn’t smell… (Like that person sitting beside you on the bus ;)) But I would hate to lose taste, sight or hearing!!! haha

6) A piece of advice about blogging.

I would say… choose a topic/theme. Unless it’s someone I know I don’t like reading blogs which just talk about their daily lives. But if you choose a theme like health/baking/photography etc then you are more likely to have more readers. Another thing about blogging is to enjoy it… if you don’t like blogging and feel you just have to write about the same thing over and over, then the posts wont be any good. So just let your creativity flow 🙂

7) Some favourite memories.

There are so many!! But I have two favourites that I will share:

The time I got to go to Disneyland Paris with my mum, sister, dad and younger step-brother! The holiday was organized by Make A Wish Foundation because I have the illness CF, and also because I had recovered from my ED. So we got picked up by a limousine and got driven to the airport (my first time in a limousine!!!) and then when we got to Disneyland Paris I got given a VIP ticket, which meant that I could skip ALL queues.. even the express queues, so we didn’t have to wait more than two minutes for a ride!!! And also, the lovely breakfast buffet we got everyday!! (we were there for three days in total, but I would have loved to be there for longer!!) It was one of my best memories.

And then my trip to New York which has been a dream of mine since I was twelve!! I loved it so much!


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