I’m the kinda girl who…

.+ Discovered Photo Booth on my Macbook yesterday. I have taken a whole bunch of ridiculous photos. This is one of them. You’re welcome ;]

+ Loves a good link up. I’ve been keeping my eye open for one that I could join!

+ Could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner without getting sick of it. The store at my university makes this ridiculously good spicy tofu one. I’m in love. I could buy ten pieces of it every time.

+ Would rather spend money on books and travel than clothes. I have absolutely no fashion sense and shopping {for clothes} is waaaay down the bottom of my list of priorities. Travel will win out over {almost} anything.

+ Tries to see the good in everyone…Until I see what an asshole you really are.

+ Is introverted.

+ Is in love with writing and seeing the world. The two go hand in hand, really. In writing you create a whole new world that you and the reader discover together. It’s absolute magic.

+ Gets weird satisfaction from cleaning. I’m just a little bit of a house bitch ;] I can clean the entire house but I lose all motivation when I reach my own bedroom. Is anyone going to see it? No. Sweet. Job done.

+ Can be comfortable being alone or sitting in (companionable) silence. Not everything has to be said. Simple.

+ Finds older guys much more attractive than guys my own age. What can I say? There’s nothing like a guy in a nice suit ;]

+ Believes a good drive can solve almost anything. If I’m happy, I drive. If I’m sad, I drive. If I need to get away, I drive.

+ Can be ready to walk out the door in twenty-five minutes. Shower, hair, makeup; the whole shebang.

+ Loves a good glass of wine. Give me a glass of Chardonnay or a Merlot and we’re good to go.

+ Has been following blogs since the dawn of time…or it feels like it at least ;]

+ Will travel around the world at least once in this lifetime. You’ll see ;]

I’m also that kinda girl who couldn’t get the image to cooperate. Just click here and pretend it’s all pretty and image-like ;]


4 thoughts on “I’m the kinda girl who…

  1. Hahah i know what you mean with the photobooth. When my sister bought her new Macbook while we were in NY, we spent the whole evening just making videos with the photobooth and taking crazy photos 🙂
    And i looovvee sushi!! Have you ever made your own? Ive made once with qunioa (as my parents are going super mega healthy at the moment!! ) and they were really good 🙂
    Im the same with silence… sometimes i just want company, but just like sitting in silence… both people with a computer or reading etc Just knowing that you are there with someone else, and can talk if you want to! But not everything has to be said 🙂

    If you ever come to Sweden, let me know 🙂 haha I would love to travel the world as well…


    1. I’ve had so much fun with Photo Booth over the past couple of days! My photo album is full of photos with me looking like a bug or frog. I’m so attractive ;] My future boyfriend is definitely a lucky guy! Hahaha.
      I have made my own…sushi burrito! I tried to make proper sushi but it didn’t end too well so I just made this wrap thing with the seaweed. I need more practice! I actually saw it with quinoa and I’m going to try make it this year! I don’t eat rice so I have to find that post again and make it one night! :] I’ll let you know how it goes!
      Yes! I like knowing that someone is there but I don’t necessarily have to talk to them alllllll the time. I think it’s something that’s in my nature and a thing I learned from one of my ex-boyfriends. He told me that ‘not everything has to be said’ one night and it has obviously been something that has stuck in my mind!
      I will definitely be coming to Sweden! For sure! I got accepted into a study abroad program so I might be coming over this year…if not, you can expect to see me wandering your city in 2016 ;]


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