A way of life.

There’s no doubt that suffering has happened in my family and in every family. We all suffer our own trials each and every day. Some are greater than others; some are more personal than others; some can be solved while others cannot.

This suffering is what has led me to research different religions and ways of life.

Just last night I was talking to a friend who had been reading The Bible and was thinking of joining a Christian church. This was a friend who I was having frequent {and great} sex with last year. His revelation to me was a complete shock but it makes sense. He has been questioning life, as have I. If he feels that going to a church is the right thing for him to do in this moment then why not? There’s nothing to stop him – or any of us – from doing it.

I, myself, was in a church a week ago, mourning the loss of my grandmother. However, I did not feel comfortable there. It could have been the circumstance. It could have been the amount of people crammed into that space. It could have been the absolute isolation and tiredness I was feeling. I simply could have been in the wrong church. My point is: I did not feel like I belonged there.

However, I have been reading the Book of Mormon that I was given last year. Yes, that book. The one I said I wasn’t interested in reading. Well, I’m doing it. I don’t necessarily understand or believe in everything that is written on these pages but it is early days yet. My brother has The Bible and he said that it took him three times before he fully comprehended what he read. That took me aback a little bit.

Remembering that was what led to me searching ‘ways of life’ in Google and I found this page; Tiny Buddha. After a little bit of searching I found this image and I was sold. I had been talking with someone about my past and how I was ‘damaged goods’ or ‘broken’. This really put that in perspective. After reading through the ‘about’ page and found out that a lot of their written works/images were based upon Buddhism, I decided I would research further. Searching for something new ‘Buddhist way of life’ I found these pages here: one, two, three, four. Their attitude towards animals are in line with mine; or my attitude is in line with those of Buddhism, rather. After seeing each of these pages and really looking into it, I became more and more intrigued by the Buddhist way of life.

Way of life.

That is what I want; what I need. A way of life, not a religion.*

It does not require anyone to follow in faith, rather it instills confidence that is based upon knowledge. I’m not asking anyone to atone for my sins. I’m not asking to be saved or shown a way. I’m not asking to find a system of faith or worship in which I am comfortable. I am simply looking to better myself and learn about the purpose of life.

Do I know everything about Buddhism or Christianity or Mormonism? No. I’m sure I’ll never know enough. Not enough for my liking. There’s nothing stopping me from learning and discovering more for myself. Who knows, maybe I’ll rediscover myself along the way.

How about you? Do you have a specific religion or way of life that you follow? Why did you choose that particular one?

*That being said, I am going to continue reading my Book of Mormon and I do have respect for those of you who have chosen to follow a religion based life. You are doing what is right for you and that is pretty awesome. No one should have the right to judge another’s happiness and beliefs.


4 thoughts on “A way of life.

  1. Hi! I was just perusing blogs and came across yours. I’m glad you’re seeking answers to life’s tough questions. Your comments on suffering are vague but so true. Many times people seek religion in times of suffering because suffering shows us the fragility of life and how limited we as people are. Religion seems to give people a framework that adds stability to life. I would also say that religion can be dangerous though. Sometimes it gives a false sense of security – depending on what its beliefs are founded upon. I encourage you to give the Bible another shot and see what your guy friend is learning in his seeking venture as well (try reading in the book of John in the Bible). If you have any questions, visit my page for my contact info. God bless!


    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. That really means a lot to me :]

      However, as I said, I was not looking for a religion. I know a religion can be looked at as a way of life too but I find it hard to find comfort in it. It is early days though. Maybe one day soon I’ll find a passage that resonates with me. Maybe. I do not have the Bible though. I own the Book of Mormon.

      I’m interested in Buddhism simply because there is no deity that one should pray to. It is a way of life in which you are responsible for yourself and your actions. Budda has practices that outlie the path to happiness but it is at our will and understanding of how we perform these actions. I’m simply looking for ways that I can improve quality of life for myself and – sequentially – others from my actions.

      This being said, I am going to continue reading my Book of Mormon. Thank you again, I will definitely contact you if I have any questions regarding the Bible.

      – Kendel


      1. Well I’m not really proposing a religion. The Bible isn’t about formal creeds or stereotyped religious formulas; it’s about life-transformation through knowing a person: Jesus. The Bible is simply a guide pointing to Him. And on another note, I’m kind of confused as to why you’re reading the Book of Mormon if you’re not interested in religion…but that’s just personal curiosity. I’ll be praying for ya, that you find what you’re looking for. Take care!

        P.s. If you ever are interested in perusing the Bible, a great site to use to read for free is biblegateway.com.


        1. I am interested in religion, not for myself but for others. I was reading it to see if I could gain even a glimmer of understanding from their perspective. However, I’m no longer reading it. I’m a big believer in ‘thou shalt not kill’ so when I read about murder, I changed my mind about reading it. No more. I have respect for anyone who follows Christianity or Mormonism..or whatever else but the fact of the matter is that they are not for me. I’m interested in the notion of doing a formal study on religions and maybe I will do that one day. Thank you!


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