Numero tres?

Should I do it?


This morning I was on Instagram, looking at all the pretty pictures abs when a section of text caught my eye. The beaut is right here if you wanna check it out. This is one of my all time favorite poems. Actually, it’s the only poem I’ve read several times over. I love E.E Cummings. 

In fact, a couple of lines from the poem were going to be my very first tattoo but then I changed my mind. No, I don’t regret changing my mind and getting that as a first tattoo. I don’t regret the symbolism behind my second tattoo either. I just feel like I didn’t have a fully developed and solidified reason or meaning behind the poems lines and their meaning to me.

I’ve always wanted to get the lines I carry your heart {I carry it in my heart} as a tattoo. Those are possibly the most beautiful words I have seen. As I recently lost my grandmother, I want to get it as a tribute {of sorts} to her and to everyone who has touched my life. I want to get it for those I have loved, those I do love, those I will love and the lucky few who I will love forevermore.

These are the people I want to carry with me forever and always.


2 thoughts on “Numero tres?

  1. This reminds me of something I found on Buzzfeed the other day:

    I think you’ll love the list too, and maybe even find some inspiration.I especially love the quote, “for you, a thousand times over”. I can’t be talking about getting a second tattoo when I haven’t gotten my first one yet, but that’s due to the fact that my ex-workplace is holding onto ~3 of my paychecks! *rageface*


    1. Oooh yes! I saw this on Pinterest the other day and my mind just about exploded! I don’t think that would shouldn’t be talking about it…I’ve already planned the next three of mine ;] Haha. Too addictive! I hope you get your paychecks soon though! That’s the pits.


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