18 Things You (Might Not) Know About Me: Part 1.

Since I’m turning twenty this year, I thought you should know twenty things about me! If you have managed to follow me over from my old blog{s} then this might be old news for you—sorry. I thought this would be a good way for you to get to know me! However, this post grew more than I was prepared for, so I’m breaking it down into two parts. Here’s the first one!.

#1: I have been working for ten years {or more} of my life. I was born into a catering company, so I was raised with the reality of working hard to reach your goals. I know that nothing is handed to you on a silver platter, but if you work hard, you can achieve anything you want. How cliché, I know but I’ve seen the product of that and it is wonderful. Cliché or not, this is definitely something I want to teach my children…one day.

#2: I’m emotionally stunted. That’s what some people call it, anyway. I have problems with letting people in…and letting them stay there. I have problems with trusting people. I have problems with opening my heart to people. I’m scared that anyone I ‘let in’ is going to abandon me. Are these issues that have developed from my mother’s past relationships? …I think so. That being said, when I let you in, I will champion you until the end. I will be utterly faithful to you as a friend or whatever our relationship might be.

#3: I do not remember my stepfather. At all. It’s like four {or so} years have been completely wiped from my memory. Kind of. I remember what we did but it is just like he wasn’t there at all. Weird…but it goes with the above point. I’m scarred. Damaged goods.

#4: I lived in Missouri when I was fifteen. America. It was brilliant. I’ve always wanted to go abroad, but that was the moment that really got to me. I caught the travel-bug when I was over there and I haven’t stopped thinking about travelling ever since.

#5: Like I said, I’m in love with travel. I have a major case of wanderlust. I’m the type of person who would throw a dart at a map and go wherever it landed. I actually might do that one day. It would be a good way to travel. Imagine all the places that you would see, just by sheer luck. I am, however, planning a trip to Europe in 2016. So if any of y’all want to join me in the whole/part of the journey or host me at your place, be sure to let me know! That would be super.

#6: I always go for males who are older than me. Not just a year, it’s at least two and possibly five. Six if you’re incredibly lucky ;] I don’t know what it is but males my age really annoy me…or maybe I’m just talking to the wrong group of men. Who knows. Point is: if you’re older than me, are foreign and have a sexy accent then you have a good chance…if luck is on your side.

#7: I don’t place a whole lot of importance on being in a relationship. If I’m in one then great, I’m excited and dedicated to it but I’m not going to have a mental breakdown if I’m single for more than six months. Because of this, I’m generally always single and I’m okay with that. The right person for me will stumble into my life at some point…and hopefully he won’t want to run away after reading all of this ;]

#8: I hate shopping…for clothes. If you gave me money to go shopping I will either spend it on a} books, b} food, c} plane tickets or d} a new laptop/camera/tablet. If those options don’t happen then I will just save it for a rainy day. Really. Clothes rank way down at the bottom of the list of ‘important’ things I need.


13 thoughts on “18 Things You (Might Not) Know About Me: Part 1.

  1. Amen on clothes shopping! Sometimes, I’ll have trouble picking out what to wear but when I have spending money, clothes is the last on my list, always. I hate the fact that all retailers carry the same (horrible) designs because it’s in season or something.


    1. Yes! I would happily just buy a bunch of clothes and wear the same thing over and over. One of the things I’m most excited about is traveling..When you’re traveling you can only take a certain amount of clothes. It’ll either be heaven or hell for me. Haha.


    1. Sounds like such a good idea, right?! I will definitely do it. One day I’ll either throw a dart or just pack a bag and buy a ticket for one of the first departing flights….and then write a really detailed and rambly post about it ;]


          1. It’s definitely a good one. Probably my favorite of his films, now that I’m thinking about it. But I’ll say Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind doesn’t count because it’s not his typical sort.


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