Taking Stock #009


Making :: myself get motivated. Easier said than done. I’m currently sitting in bed, listening to The Bachelor (Sean’s season) as I write this. The Bachelor might be my guilty little secret ;]

Drinking :: powerade. The blue kind. It is glorious. The little blue drink is a gift from the gods at the moment.

Reading :: blog posts. So. Many. Blog. Posts. Uni work was piling up so blogging got put on the back burner, but now that I have a month off, I have time to catch up!

Wanting :: laundry to do itself. I have a pile of sheets and other things that need to be washed but I can’t get the motivation to do it. Struggle bus. Also, Thai food. That would be pretty nice right now.

Looking :: at postgraduate opportunities…still. There are so many it is insane. Maybe I’m a little insane for looking at them this early. I only still have a year and a half to go!

Eating :: nothing ;[ soon to be Thai food though. Thai food is great.

Wishing :: that I can get the motivation to go to the gym. Really. I keep saying that I’m going to the gym but something always comes up.

Enjoying :: spending my day in bed…and finding out that it is Sunday and not Monday like I thought it was. Hooray.

Waiting :: until I can drive my little car again ;] I do love him quite a lot.

Liking :: my bed. It is glorious and it smells like boy. French boy. The best smell ever ;]

Wondering :: what happened last night. Whoops.

Hoping :: that I didn’t make tooooooo much of an ass of myself.

Wearing :: …last nights dress and a dressing gown. I am one classy lass ;]

Thinking :: about having a shower. It’s not lunchtime yet so I think I have a little leeway ;]

Trying :: to get motivated. Are we seeing a theme of this post?

Feeling :: like someone is grabbing my stomach and just twisting it. Not a good feeling.


  1. nadiachronicles · · Reply

    Get yer butt to the gym, you can do it! I have faith! Trust me! The hardest part is GETTING there, once you’re there its a cake walk.

    I am borderline obsessed with the gym though so… :(


    1. Haha yes, it really is! I looooove going to the gym but I’ve been sick the past few weeks so I’m just focusing on getting myself better again…That and assignments had really piled up! Ha. #unilife. I think I have a date with a POT this weekend so that’s motivation for me to get my ass in the gym for the next four days!


      1. nadiachronicles · · Reply

        I hear Ya, gettin my butt in to gear!

        I hope you’re feeling better and good luck with school :) summer semesters kicking my butt too.


        1. Well, I THINK I have one. Haha. He has a lot of potential but he’s also a tad busy this week so it miiiight be a miracle if it actually happens! Also married so yes, there’s that…

          I did go to the gym this morning though and WOW. I have missed that place a lot more than I thought I did. Thank you! I actually have a month off now! Just one more assignment to finish and then I’m freeeee :)

          Good luck with your school and date! Can’t wait to hear about it ;)


  2. man, if only laundry did itself!


    1. Right?! Haha. Add dishes, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom to that list and I would be the happiest person in the world!


  3. I love your sunday currently posts! Mind if I steal the idea :)?


    1. Of course I don’t mind! Go ahead petal! :)


  4. Hey girl! Love your blog! And yasssss can laundry just please do itself?!


    1. Hey petal! Ooooh, thank you! I love your blog as well! Even follow it on Bloglovin’ ;) Laundry is kicking my ass! I think I get it all done and then more springs up out of no where! Why is this “adult” thing so dfhgjkdhfkd sometimes?!


  5. haha yes. motivation is the hardest. i feel ya! today is my motivation day finally. i’m just sitting down and finishing my dang transcribing!


    1. Yessss. I think today is my motivation day as well! I actually woke up BEFORE my alarm! What is life?! Even got my butt to the gym too. I might be semi-dying now but hey, I’m glad I went! Good luck with your transcribing! :)


  6. […] post was inspired by littlemisadventures. […]


  7. Jillinthebox90 · · Reply

    Was looking for a post from you to say that Sims 4 is coming out in September and the pre-order is dirt cheap! At least in this part of the world! I knew you would share my excitement so eeeeek! :D


    1. Hehehe YES. I am so beyond excited! I feel like a little kid on Christmas! I have to wait for the Mac version…which they haven’t mentioned a whole lot ;[ The preorder is $90-100 here! Not cheap at all ;[


      1. Jillinthebox90 · · Reply

        That’s such a rip off! I pay like an equivalent of NZD 35 for the Mac version! Sigh. HUG!


        1. Right?! That was just the PC version…I don’t really know what’s happening with the Mac version? At the moment I’m hoping that it’s being released at the same time haha. Gah! #simsprobz


          1. Jillinthebox90 · · Reply

            Good thing I didn’t get it then. I haven’t played anything on my new Mac as yet. Think will wait out the “wait”!


            1. The wait will be the death of me!


  8. I’ve started working out at home. I can get a work out in and shower in half the time it takes me to go to the gym, so that works for me! I loooooove Thai food. I don’t even think we have a Thai place in this new town we are living. Sad face.


  9. […] This post was inspired by littlemisadventures.  […]


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